Flat out like a lizard drinking

10 02 2009

Today has been super busy.  Shopping with my Grandmother this morning.  To expedite things I took her shopping in a wheelchair instead of on her usual walking frame.  Primarily to speed things up.  Initially she didn’t like the idea, but once we were at the shops she was very happy, and can be quoted as saying “You were right, we’re doing so much more!”


I secretly thing the highlight of her morning was when I was running through the shopping centre pushing her chair in front of me.  My 90 year old Nan with the wind blowing through her hair… 😉

She had fun, and we got everything done she wanted to, and I’m pretty sure we saw every shop in the complex.

Post shopping it was “Mother’s Group” with my sister.  I got to be an “honorary mother”, keep your comment s to yourself.

To say it was amusing to watch my nephew interacting with other kids his age would be an understatement, it was blood hilarious.  All giggles and mischief.

Now I’m home, and about to head out again.  I need a nap! 😉

But I’m having fun.




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