Sometimes I wonder

11 02 2009

If the people I make allowances for, over and over again, are even worth my time.  Why make plans with someone only to cancel at the last minute, then suggest another time and cancel again.  Really?  Is it that difficult.

Personally, my patience is wearing thin, oh no.  It’s gone.  I really can’t be bothered now.

In other news, there isn’t any.  Not much has happened today, an outing with the parents, a haircut, and because I’m so pressed for time, my friend Slade who’s out of the country as often as I am, but who is currently back in town, joined me for the car ride to and from the hair dresser, just so we could catch up in the car while I drove.

Travel company, and a catchup, so expedient on our parts.

Now it’s an evening at home with the folks watching The Minority Report, because earlier mentioned “friend” a title that may be changed in the very near future has cancelled yet again.




One response

11 02 2009

Sometimes people try your patience. I’m sure it’s not personal, just selfish. If pointed out, they would probably be horrified at what they’ve done.


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