Last Day in Melbourne

14 02 2009

For this trip anyway…

Smokey Red Sun - Seaford 140209It’s Saturday morning, and the most striking thing this morning is that the sun is bright red, the sky is pink’ish and there’s a distinct smell of smoke in the air.

It’s a week today since the the major fires in Victoria, and a week later, the re are still fires burning.  Sadly there are also new fires as there are some sick people out there who keep lighting them.  Why I’ll never understand, but sadly they do.

I’m fairly sure that the view from the plane window tomorrow as I fly over the state is going to be horrific if I’m able to see anything at all.

Truly awful.

Ok, for my last day…  I’m having a BBQ today with my family, a good old Aussie lunch, and I can’t wait.  A sausage in bread with some salad has been high on my list of must have foods since I arrived back.  Incidentally it has been EVERY time I’ve arrived back.  😉

Then it’ll be off to the airport to check into the Hotel, then drop the car off and settle in for the evening before my flight tomorrow.

And just on a month from now I’ll be back!  You don’t get rid of me that easily. 😉



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