Back in America – Sunday, Again!

15 02 2009

Well I’m in Los Angeles having landed a little over 2 hours ago.

Immigration was relatively uneventful, although they flatly refused to give me 9 months to match my previous status, despite my having a notarised copy of the original.  No matter, I just smiled and said “Sure.” when he said “Six months”.

To be honest, I don’t really care, I’m flying back to Australia in roughly 5 weeks anyway, so this Immigration status will be surrendered when I leave, and I go through the whole process again on my return in April.  It’s really a moot point.

All in all it was pretty easy.

The best part of my trip so far, was checking in for my flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles and being told when I asked for an exit aisle,“You’ve been upgraded to Premium Economy”.


It’s only a small step up from Cattle Class, but it’s a step.  I have dubbed it Llama Class.  Bigger seats, so much more leg room I could have done yoga (could have, but didn’t, I have no idea how), and a much better food selection.
Although, even with all that, I’d be lucky if I had accumulatively, 2 hours sleep out of the 14 hours or so we were in the air.  Oh well, I’ll be home this afternoon and be able to sleep in my own bed.

Right now, I’m sitting in the Alaska Airlines Boardroom (thing Qantas Lounge, scaled down, LOTS), killing some time before I board my next flight to Portland, Oregon, before boarding another flight home to Seattle.

A lot of messing around, but I saved a few hundred dollars by juggling flights, not a bad effort given I booked these while I was still taking pain meds for my recent nose surgery.  I’m still impressed that I managed to get them all sorted and haven’t messed anything up.  I hope I haven’t “typed too soon”.  We’ll see.

Oh, the only part of flying back that I hate.  No access to the Business Lounges that have showers, as I had to exit to get my bags and recheck in at Alaska.  Fortunately I learnt my lesson last time after sitting in the same clothes for over 24 hours.  Armed with a packet of anti-bacterial WetOnes, I had a “paupers bath” and got changed, and let me tell you, I feel like a million dollars, and smell WetOnes fresh – hehe.

That’s about it.  Right now, I’m gunna have a bit of a rest while I wait for the boarding call.




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