Off We Go Again…

15 02 2009

This is another of those posts that I’ve cheated on and written the day before, primarily as I’m pretty sure I won’t have any time in the morning before I board my flight, and quite probably if I do have the time, won’t have the inclination to blog.

So today I’m leaving Melbourne, boarding a flight back to Los Angeles where I’ll get another flight to Portland, Oregon, and then one more final flight to Seattle, then home.  Reunite with the pets, hot shower, and bed.

I can’t wait!  The trip has been fun, flashed past faster than I thought it might, but I got to spend plenty of time with my family, OH!  AND!

MOST IMPORTANTLY!  I was present when my nephew walked his first 5 steps on Friday.  Friday 13th.


So, while the trip was fun, and I’m sad to be leaving, I’m also looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, and getting back into my routine.   Never mind though, I’ll be back in just over 4 weeks time.

Hooroo and catch you from another time zone…




2 responses

15 02 2009

Thanks for doing the driving around, & taking Nan shopping,
hope all go;s well next week with the Dentist see u soon xx

15 02 2009

When your back next time, your fave nephew will probably be running around screaming “Uncle Craig, come and get me!! “. xx.

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