18 02 2009

Tomorrow I’m having all four wisdom teeth pulled out, and quite frankly I’d rather have my nose done again than dentistry.

So right now I’m not even remotely excited, wish it was over and done with already, and have just had my last meal requiring any form of chewing for a little while.

As of tomorrow around 11.00am if not earlier I’ll be in a drugged sleep again, then back on the pain meds, and stoned out of my mind.  The pain relief is always welcome, the lack of mental clarity…  Well that bit sucks.

So guess I’ll let you know how it goes ones it’s happened.




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19 02 2009
Gary A

Craig, I had all 4 of mine removed many years ago, under general anaesthetic, the only way to travel. I hope you like scrambled eggs and orange juice!
You’ll survive, many others have.

19 02 2009

Thanks Gary. I believe tomorrow is under General as well, and I have eggs and soup all on hand. 😉

19 02 2009

Hey Craig –
I’ve seen 3 kids thru this process, and my best advice is ICE, ICE, ICE. For the first 24 hours at least, and possibly as long as 72, keep ice on your face! I made the kids alternate sides every 20 minutes, and had 3 ice packs (the blue ice things work great) that we rotated. They started the ice in the car on the way home! Good luck. You’ll do fine, and you’ll have meds to help you out!

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