Drugged again…

19 02 2009

Well I’m not long home from having all four of my wisdom teeth removed, and ultimately it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.  General sedation, nitrous oxide, I barely felt a thing.  The last tooth I felt a little, but otherwise it was fine.
Better still all four teeth came out without problems, so there’s been no cutting, breaking etc.

It’s just going to be icepacks and pain management for a couple of days, and cool, liquid style foods.

So there you have it, one more step covered in the ongoing overhaul.

I’m off not though, it’s time to put an icepack on my face, and take a tablet, which means, my lucidity will be short lived.



I was only at the dentist for about 45 minutes today and all four teeth came out relatively quickly without complications.
Something I’m very happy about.  So now the healing begins.
Ice packs and pain meds are my new friends.  Won’t be long though and I’ll be back and bouncing around.



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