Drowning in Saline

21 02 2009

With all the irrigating of nasal passages and gaping oral spaces where wisdom teeth used to be, I swear I’m going to be a candidate for hypertension based purely on the amount of salt water I’m using.

At least I can honestly state I’m following all the instructions I’ve been given from my Doctors.

Squirting warm saline solution up one side of my nose and out the other, before alternating several times a day post septo-rhinoplasty, and now with the removal of my wisdom teeth, gargling with salt water, and then using a nifty syringe with a curved end to wash out the holes in my gums, it’s all happening.

It’s a complete production, and it’s truly amazing to realise just what you can harbour inside your body.

The whole nose rinsing thing alone is hilarious.  The process itself I’d recommend to anyone, the only drawback I had was that not all the water came out each time, apparently some of it was stored away inside my sinuses for inopportune leaks throughout the day.

Say…  I dropped my keys, bent over to get them and then a gush of salty water would run out of my nose.  Truly lovely.

Now with my teeth, I get to squirt little pieces of food out of the holes in my gums.  It’s a right treasure hunt.

Food for later, and something to wash it down with.

While I was back in Australia during the recent fires, we joked briefly that perhaps I should go up to the fire front and bend over and let my “Nose fount” douse the flames.  A bad taste joke yes, but…

Ok, that’s it from me, I’m rambling, I need to go reapply the ice packs, and settle in for the evening.

All the shenanigans aside, I’ve been really lucky, minimal discomfort, and no complications.  I’m really not complaining.  It’s all just blog fodder. 😉




One response

22 02 2009

I almost get the feeling you’re the next 6 million dollar man. 😉

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