Departure of Royalty

23 02 2009

It’s a sad day for my friend Sanda and her husband Chris, their boy Humphrey, the biggest, fluffiest black kitty I’ve ever seen’s (aside from my parent’s late cat Gypsy) fight with Kidney Disease ended today.

The big fluffy kitty, who for many years I swore had no legs, as he was always regally curled up in a ball on Sanda’s couch, in the same position, EVERY time I visited, and I’ve visited MANY times is no longer with us.

But, Sanda and have come to the conclusion, that Humphrey, and Mulder, my own cat, are now patiently awaiting us to join them, of course after they’ve exchanged greetings and established that their parents know each other. 😉

I think I can safely speak for Sanda as well as myself when I say, we’re not in any hurry, but we’ll get there when we can.

The world is now short three of the loveliest, purriest, fluffiest, adoring’est, black kitties I ever had the pleasure to have known.  But our lives were all enriched for having had the opportunity to share time with them.

So I send out big virtual hugs to Sanda, Chris and their other furry children.  If I was there, they’d be real, I promise.

Humphrey, Mulder, Gypsy… you’re all in good company, and as Sanda said herself, when we finally join them, there’s going to be quite the furry welcoming committee.




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