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24 02 2009

Childish antics are such a blast.  Not so long ago I blogged about being let down by someone, despite making numerous plans.

Taking into account that I’d also flown pretty much right around the world, had limited time available, and all social activity had been severely curbed due to my family being my top priority, a catch up was organised in advance.
On the actual evening, not two hours before the designated time I got a message online…  “I really don’t feel like socialising”.

Being the eternal optimist, I rescheduled, twice, again much the same response.

Admittedly, I could have let it go, could have just cut the cord, but figured I would say something.  So I did.  I thought about what I had to say, phrased it constructively, but got my point across.  In essence, I stated that I was disappointed.  Not an unfair or untrue statement.

Imagine a spoilt child lying on the ground, flailing their arms around, screaming out the tantrum of all tantrums.
That’s pretty much the response I got.  Apparently I was disrespectful and made them feel guilty.

Hello?!  You cancelled last minute, not me.  I don’t live around the corner.  You chose the date and time to catch up…

If you feel guilty, that’s because you should.  It’s deserved.  Get over it.

I have, now.  I’m the first to admit I’m not perfect, but it’s really nice once in a while to air a grievance, lay fault where it belongs and clear the air.
Unfortunately though, not everyone agrees.

The side note…  The person in question also managed to try a session of psycho analysis, character attack, and blame shift.   Such fun, all it did was make me feel better about my decision, and prove I was correct in my actions.

One less Christmas card I’m guessing, and one more vacancy for socialising on my next trip home.

I calling this one a win, and retrospectively aside from being educational, kind of funny.

Oh well! 😉



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