Well that’s new…

26 02 2009

The morning started off with a strange white glow coming through the blinds this morning.  Which could be considered unusual since I awoke at 5am.

No, it wasn’t an Alien vessel…  Although that’d certainly make for a unique blog entry.  Hmm, actually it mightn’t, I’m sure somewhere out there someone has blogged about an Alien visitation. 

I Google’d it.  They have, there’s dozens of entries.  So not so unique after all…

I digress.  The reason for the glow.  It’d had snowed quite heavily overnight.  Around 10cm of the stuff, and what ambient light there was at that time of the morning was bouncing off every glittering white crystal, straight into the house.

Snow or not, I was up, dressed and off to the gym, and let me tell you here and now, there’s nothing more sobering/awakening first thing in the morning, than standing outside in your gym gear clearing snow off the car so you can get to where you need to be.  Chilly!

Gym was good, I’m still sore from yesterday, but I got my cardio work out of the way, and stretched, all the while listening to my music playlist on my new phone.  I should mention, phone’s are not technically allowed in the gym, due mainly to the fact that these days nearly all of them have cameras and it’s a privacy issue.  So I was sort of conscious of the fact that I was bending the rules slightly, although camera or no, I was only there to use it for my own audio entertainment.  Imagine my surprise when during the end of my workout, while I was stretching, the music stopped, and the brief silence was interrupted with “Physical Therapy.  This is Lyn”.
It took me a few seconds to realise that I must have bumped my phone and inadvertently dialed her.  Lyn thought it was funny, I agree, except for my being slightly mortified that it was now blatantly apparent to anyone in the vicinity that I was on the phone.  Oops.  Of course noone probably cared but me.

Next up in the day, back to visit the Oral Surgeon for a post wisdom teeth removal.  It went well, he’s very happy, both with my home hygiene care of the craters from where my teeth used to be, and how fast I’m healing.  Apparently this is a very good sign for the “big op”.  The one I’m not looking forward to at the end of the whole dental adventure I embarked on last week.  This one’s the biggie.  Next step, in the very near future is braces, followed by Oral Surgery.

The big realisation I had at the end of this very quick visit was that last week pre-removal of my teeth, was the last time for a very long time that I’m going to be able to bite properly.  My chewing life is now going to be all about being mindful of teeth being relocated slowly (via the braces) in my mouth as everything is re-aligned, and sensitivities while this happens.  Joy and rapture!

While I’m not overly enthused about it, I’m also slightly exited about the final outcome.

Let the games begin! 😉



2 responses

1 03 2009

OK – I’m in Seattle in ONE month’s time! Please tell me the snow will be gone and the weather will be cool, wet and generally pleasant. Please???

1 03 2009

Rhonda.. I can’t make any promises, but I can tell you that the weather is improving slowly every day. I’m sure you’ll have a great time regardless.
It’s just a shame that I’ll be out of the country AGAIN when you’re here! 😦

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