House Proud

1 03 2009

Is a term that works well for me when it comes to the homes I live in.  It’s also a part of my personality that Mark doesn’t share, and one that has been the source of more than one argument over the years.

He likes the nice things, but lives like he’s in a Hostel, or in a Hotel where there’s staff to clean up after him, a trait I’ve tried unsuccessfully for over a decade to change…

Anyway, after a mostly quiet day, Sunday is after all a rest day, we went out for a bit.  Mark wanted to buy some stuff for the Xbox, and I wanted to go to the local Home Depot (like Bunnings) to get a few things.

The items he wanted weren’t available, but I got mostly what I was after, being stuff for the garden.

So tomorrow, after gym and a few chores, and if the weather is nice enough, I may just get out in the garden and see if I can’t spruce it up a bit.  Since we moved here we’ve not done any gardening, nor have the lawns been mowed.  Fortunately they’ve not grown too much either, but they could certainly do with a spruce up, and some colour in the garden would be nice.

As for the inside of the house, well it’s clean, and pending re-model is going to have boxes everywhere for a while longer… Ugh!

Hope your weekends have been good ones!



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