Need sleep, can’t type

3 03 2009

That title couldn’t be more appropriate if I tried.  Whereas my typing now is fine, it took me several attempts to type the simple four words above.  Errors galore it was.

I slept in this morning so didn’t get to go to the gym early like I’d planned, but, for the first time in several months I managed to get a whole 8 hours sleep.  My record until then had been six hours several weeks ago.  Ever since I had surgery, I’ve been lucky to sleep more than 3 – 4 hours at a time.

Sleep being what it is though, you get one decent night of it, and then you’re yawning yearning for more.  

I didn’t make it into the gym today, but I did make it down to the local High School’s track venue where I did 13 laps of the track.  That’s my exercise done for the day, and whereas I was tired before, now I’m exhausted and will be only to happy to call the day over, and crawl into bed.

So, I bid you adieu.  Hooroo!



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