A strange old day

5 03 2009

It’s certainly been a unique day today, weather-wise there’s been rain, clouds, hail, snow, blue skies, sun and now clouds again.

Something for everyone.

In other news, we had an Energy Audit performed in the house today.  In preparation all windows and doors had to be closed and the heater turned on for at least an hour before the Auditor arrived, when he arrived, and after introducing himself, he commenced the audit.

To start with he opened the front door and fitted a frame in it’s place to which he zipped a canvas cover containing a fan.  The purpose of the fan was to suck air from the house creating a vacuum which allowed him to measure the air exchange of the house.  It also identified absolutely any possible draft in the building.  Fortunately there weren’t many.

Next step was to use an infrared camera to identify all the parts of the house that weren’t either adequately insulated, or were allowing cold air into the house.  Quite an eye opening procedure.

Then he and I both checked the attic space, and the crawl space under the house.  He identified possible problems and pointed them out to me.  Again, fortunately there weren’t any, and what there is are either easily repaired, or will be in the future when we remodel.

Final step, all the non-economical light bulbs in the house were replaced, all as part of the service, which if I recall correctly cost us $95.   Such a nice change to have a Utility actively help it’s clients create a better environment for themselves, while being environmentally friendly.

Good work!



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