Itchy and Scratchy

6 03 2009

This is going to be a part entry, if only because I’m exhausted, and I’m heading out the door shortly to see The Watchmen.

The day has been a long one so far.  I woke at 4am, hit the gym at 5am until 7am, played chauffeur to Mark then went and had an allergy test.

An allergy test that I’ve been desperately hoping to get over and done with, if only so I could start taking my antihistamines again.  I’ve been scratching myself all over madly for days as my skin has been itching madly due to some unknown allergen(s).

I got an idea on what these were today, and took photos of the results.  Very interesting.
But you’re going to have to wait until later for me to upload them.

Until tomorrow…  Hooroo!




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