Snow check?

7 03 2009

A raincheck is apt.  Although it’s been more frozen rain or snow today than standard rain.  In fact the day from the get go has been pretty grey, wet and frozen.  Which unfortunately has meant that I didn’t get to go on my bike ride today.


Oh, and as for last night’s expedition to the movies.  It was sold out, so that didn’t happen either.

Otherwise there’s not much happening, my mood is in synch with the weather, and I’m really not feeling too excited about doing anything right now.  Apathy has been today’s action word.

Hence yesterday’s blog posting not being updated yet.  Oh well…



2 responses

8 03 2009

Guess what today is (09th March)???

It’s your birthday in Australia!!

Happy birthday, hope you have a fun day when it arrives in the U.S.!


11 03 2009

Thanks Peej! 🙂

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