Back on the Wagon

10 03 2009

Today was the day that I’m officially back on the wagon as far as my original fitness plan is (was) concerned, after a nearly 12 month long hiatus.  Partially through injury, some through apathy, and also from a year full of travel.  But that’s done with.

Diet is back on track, well it has been all day, which I’m pretty proud of, I’ve been to the gym, and even ran intervals, something I’m loathe to do but figure if I do them often enough, and if I increase my speed and endurance, I’ll eventually outrun my own ass.  😉

All of this I’m typing while drinking the mixed berry protein shake I just made as the conclusion to my day of eating.  Mmm mmmm!  Actually, it’s pretty good, so I’m certainly not complaining.

Now it’s off to socialise briefly before coming home and going to bed early, for tomorrow I wake early, breakfast according to the newly re-established nutritional guidelines, then hit the gym for more intervals (UGH!) and a workout with my trainer.

Get ready ass.  I’m leaving you behind in the very near future!



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