Brace Face, Metal Mouth

11 03 2009

Brace Face 110309Well, today I had my braces fitted at the age of 36.  My second childhood has commenced. 

Only 29 months, 3 weeks and 7 days to go until they come off, and while it’s not even been a full day yet, they can’t come off fast enough for me.

I’m already sick of picking food out of them.  Damn tedious!

Otherwise, they’re ok.  If you look closely at the bottom braces in the photo you can see an opaque substance around them, that’s wax.  Wax is my new friend.  It makes all the sharp corners nice and smooth and stops them rubbing on the insides of my mouth.  Loving that!

Well, it’s been a big day, and I’m plain tuckered out.

Nitey nite!




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