Like Uncle like Nephew

12 03 2009

My nephew Jack has been teething for several months now, and has had the benefit of his mother and his grandmother’s applications of baby Panadol and Bonjela to ease the pain of having his teeth breaking through his gums, in addition to numerous chewing devices, I envy him.

I’ve only had braces for a day, but every tooth in my mouth is sensitive at the moment, it’s even uncomfortable chewing steamed vegetables.  They tell me the discomfort will pass (until I get the next adjustment), and that chewing will benefit me in the long run by toughening up the roots of my teeth as they’re moved into a new position.

Let’s just say, my teeth have been in their current position for over 2 decades, and to call them belligerent when it comes to their relocation, would be appropriate.

So it’s been Nurofen/Tylenol for me, lots of wax to cover the sharp edges of the brackets while I become accustomed to them, and as of this evening, I caved in and bought myself a teething ring.  Very cute, comes in colours,and they’re filled with water so I can freeze them for the numbing goodness of the cold.

It’s regular practice for patients at my Orthodontist to receive a bite plate to chew on, unfortunately I have an open bite and this doesn’t work.  So I’ve been resorting to using a finger, not the most pleasant.  So I figured practicality over ego and bought the teething toy.  I did entertain, if only briefly, going to the pet store and buying a chew toy.  *laugh*

Ok, I’m off to go chew.  Hooroo!



2 responses

14 03 2009

Do you want me to send you some Bonjella? poor buddy!..JP sends his regards, he just sprouted another fang xxx

14 03 2009

Hehehe! Bonjella is for JP, Vodka is for Uncle Craig 😉
See you in 2 weeks!!

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