A relatively quiet one

14 03 2009

Day that is.  Although I did wake up early and meet a friend at the gym, where I pedalled up the fastest 10 miles of my life.  Primarily to get it over and done with, and because my friend (Lisa) had started before me so I wanted to catch up.

The last time we rode 10 miles together it took just under an hour, admittedly it was outside and we were having a relatively casual ride.  Today I did the same distance in 30 minutes.  Inside, on a stationary Lemond Spinning Cycle, same concept as an outdoor bike, except for the stationary part, and it’s being inside.

After that, we checked out some Catteries for our furries pending vacation for while we’re away.  The dogs will be house sat.  Then it was home for a quiet evening of catching up on some tv.

Now, it’s bedtime.  It’s going to be an early morning.  We’re off to watch Shelly and Justin run in the St Paddy’s Day run in Seattle.  Perhaps one day I’ll run with them.  Not today though, nor tomorrow for that matter.

G’night! 🙂




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