Crime Spree

18 03 2009

I inadvertently started my life of crime tonight.  Well, it was hardly a life of crime, it didn’t even last 3 minutes…

We were out shopping tonight at the local Outdoor Centre; REI, and I’d picked up a four pack of Nuun, a drink supplement tablet you stick in your water bottle when you’re working out.  Six calories, but full of good electrolytes to keep you going.  They’re usually always out of stock, so I grabbed the last one the second I laid eyes on it and continued wandering around the store.

I didn’t find anything else I wanted to purchase, and we’d looked at several things, and I walked out the door and started heading towards the next store.  Completely forgetting I had the other item in my hand still.

Noone stopped me, no alarms went off, I could have continued on my way.  But, I didn’t.  If I’m going to embark on a life of crime it’s going to have to be over something a lot more valuable than some electrolyte tablets.
Oh, and I’d also have to be guaranteed my escape.  So, quite frankly, I’ll never turn criminal anytime soon.

I went back to the store only to find that there was noone at the registers, I had to ask someone to serve me, she asked if she could help me, and I replied “Yes please, I’ve already stolen these once, I’d like to pay for them.”

The look on her face was priceless…  Hehe! 

Karmic balance restored.

In other news…

On our way back to the car I asked Mark what the time was, his response was “You’ve got a watch”.
I wasn’t wearing it.   His next comment: “You’ve got a phone, look at that”.

It would have been so much simpler for him to look at his own watch and tell me the time like I asked.  But no…

It all backfired moments later when I pointed out “You’ve got legs, you don’t need to be driven”, and got in the car and drove to the next lane in the carpark without him, before letting him in the car.

I think he got the message. 😉




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