Soccer Dad Brilliance

21 03 2009

Today’s been a pretty fun day.  It started with brunch with some friends at a new bistro where I tried Shrimp and Grits for the first time in my life.
The shrimp was great, as was the grits, but after trying the grits I left them, as they were far too rich, and by association I decided the wrong sort of food for me to eat since I’m behaving myself on the diet front, and I gave away my toast, because of the whole anti-wheat thing…

Then we shot out shopping to grab a few things for our trip, before heading out to join our friends watching their son play Soccer.

That’s where it got fantastic.  Within a 30 minute period, 3 kids got smacked in the nose by a ball.  I had to laugh, and joked that I could recommend a good surgeon.  It’s true, I can, and he’s brilliant.

The funniest part of the afternoon came moments after a penalty kick was taken and one kid got smacked in the face by a ball at full pace and hit the ground.  I know, it doesn’t sound funny, unless you’re part sadist…  and I am, I confess…

The humour came in the form of of my friend Lisa’s husband Quentin’s comment in regards to the kid getting hit:

“He was inside 10 yards, he got what he deserved.”

*laugh*  Now that may have lost some of the humour in the translation to text, but I have to admit it was pretty amusing to me.  On the upside, he was right, and that kid has now learnt the benefit of adhering to distance rules during penalty kicks.

Ok, night night!



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