Sunshine, you are my sunshine

29 03 2009

You make me happy, when skies are grey!

I’m absolutely loving the weather here at the moment.  It’s always great to be home, but even better when the weather’s fantastic.  Blue skies, sunshine…  Brilliant!

The day has been a relatively quiet one.  A trip to the markets this morning in Camberwell, followed by lunch at Studly Park by the Yarra River, then schlepping back to the shops so Mark could buy a video game, now back for a nap before we head out again tonight.

Quiet…  and yet I’m exhausted.  So, it’s nap time.




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30 03 2009

I woke to sunshine in Seattle this morning too! After the pouring rain when the flight landed yesterday afternoon, anything with sun was a bonus. and I went to the markets at Pike Place this morning… parallel lives…

3 04 2009

Were you in Seattle for the snow? I believe there was a light dusting of it recently….

6 04 2009

Yep. April 1. Not an April Fool’s joke either. It snowed for quite some time. Light, and it melted when it hit the ground but it WAS snow! Blog post about it:

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