Shopping and Socialising

1 04 2009

That’s pretty much what the day has been.  A slow start, we didn’t leave the house until nearly 1pm, then out into the sunshine to hit the factory outlets, before catching up with the lovely Inga, her husband Scott and daughters Molly and Tilly, all the night before they pack up and leave Melbourne to live in Wagga Wagga.

I’d love to say it’s sad to see them go, but I can be quoted as previously telling Inga she couldn’t leave Melbourne, only for me to pack up and leave the country.  There’s just a little hypocrisy there… 😉

We also got to catch up with Tammy, her husband Michael, and their brood of children, Declan, Riley, Caleb, and a bump (baby to be), the last time I saw Tammy she was pregnant with her first child, and now there’s 3 of them and a 4th on the way.  The girl needs a new hobby.

So a pretty busy day in the end, but a fun one, children everywhere, and a lot of catching up.

Much like our evening last night where we caught up with Mark’s old Uni friend Jeff, his wife Sarah and their gorgeous girls Sophie and Harriet.  It really has been a trip of children…  Inclusive of our nephew Taylor staying over here at Mark’s Mum’s house overnight.

Uncle Craig really needs a nap after all this…  Hehe!

Good night all!