Back to the Movies

5 04 2009

We spent most of today with our nephew Taylor.  Every time we’ve been back in the country we’ve only been able to spend limited time with him, so this time we made a concerted effort to spend the day with him.

Initially we had plans to go to a hedge maze, or perhaps to play mini-golf, but the weather had other ideas for us.  The skies opened and down came the rain.  As an alternative we decided to go to the movies, and let Taylor choose the film.

He chose Monsters Vs Aliens.  Now we’ve only recently seen it, but fortunately for him, and us, it’s entertaining enough to see twice.  So back to the 3D session we went.

Taylor enjoyed the film, we enjoyed it again, then we took him out for an early dinner at a Pancake restaurant.  Taylor claims he didn’t like his dinner, but anyone with an electron magnifying scope would be hard pressed to find any evidence of residual food on his plate.  It’s ingestion seemed to refute his claim, as did the grin that accompanied it.

Now we’re home for a brief rest before we head out again to catch up with some friends over dinner.




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