Change of Season

6 04 2009

Well I know that it’s technically Autumn now but the change of weather has been abrupt and radical.  We’ve gone from having sweltering hot weather, to cold and wet all in the matter of a few days.

You’d think I’d be used to the cold and wet weather after almost three years living in Washington, but no, I’m not.  I miss the warmth, despite any rain here being very, very welcome.

Despite the weather though I managed to go visit my folks, tow the trailer and pick up some sand for their gardening project, go out to lunch with them, then get back to Mark’s families house (where we’re staying), before we grabbed a bite to eat and caught up with the lovely, and very pregnant Tammy and her son Deshi.  Unfortunately Kelvin, her husband wasn’t home, but we’re going to have brunch with them on Wednesday. 

All that aside, I’m going to go have a nice hot shower and crawl into bed with what is going to be the third book I’ve read since we left Seattle.  This is my favourite part of holidays (or one of my favourite parts), the reading time.