Nan’s Nudie Run

9 04 2009

Well not quite, but I did spend the day with my grandmother; Grace today, and I made sure it was a memorable one for her.  That doesn’t involve hers, or my nudity either, just in case your mind was going there.

As I haven’t had been able to spend a great deal of time with her, I decided yesterday that today we’d take her out for lunch and spend the day with her.  Which we did, we drove almost two hours to Portsea to take her to a nice Hotel for lunch, one that had a view of the bay.  The gods smiled too, it was an absolutely lovely day, sun, blue skies, the bay was absolutely still, almost mirror like.

The lunch itself was pretty average, which was a bit of a shock given the outlandish pricing.  Over $100 for food and drinks for 3 people, but it was a lovely day all the same, and since Nan doesn’t get out too often, let alone so far from home, or to the beach, it made a nice outing for her.  To spice things up a bit, on the way home we drove down to a nude beach.  There was nothing to see, but it was amusing to watch her suddenly straighten up in her chair and pay a little bit more attention to what was going on outside the car once she realised where I’d taken her.  As for Mark, his face was plastered to the window looking for the nearest piece of naked flesh.  Typical.  Unfortunately for both of them, there was nothing.  But Nan has some interesting dinner conversation for her friends now, how she spent the day with her grandson, had an expensive lunch and went to a nude beach.  That should get them all talking.  *laugh*

After all of that, we shot back around the bay again to go feed the bunny and kitty at Sanda’s house that we’re looking after for a few days, then back around the bay again, to have dinner with my parents, sister, brother in-law and nephew.  Who I finally got to have  a decent cuddle from.  Admittedly he was asleep, but at least he wasn’t crying. 😉

Now I’m home, contemplating going for a run, and also looking forward to a night’s sleep.

Hope you’re all well wherever you are!

Functioning on Auto-pilot

9 04 2009

That’s pretty much how the end of yesterday went, and most of this morning so far, although I have surprised myself that I’ve managed to gather enough energy to be so productive as to have had breakfast and be blogging so early in the day.

Things I forgot to mention yesterday as I was barely conscious enough to type, were that I managed to catch up with my friends Tammy and Kelvin for brunch, it was 51 weeks to the day since we were at their wedding in Darwin, and since we’ll be on a plane next Wednesday on their actual anniversary, we all caught up early, and that I also got to catch up with another long time friend; Amy, and got to see her son Kieran, who when I saw them last, was only 2 days old, and a squashed up little prune.  Now he’s not too far off 6 months, and cute as a button!  Much more fun when they’re moving around, and he didn’t disappoint.

This trip is fast drawing to a close, this time next week I’ll be back in Seattle, and I’m still battling to find time while I’m here to see everyone, including members of my own family, which I’m trying to rectify.  So today we’ll be breaking my Grandmother out of her aged care facility (she’s not detained, I just call it a break out when she leaves), and taking her out for a nice long lunch, and hopefully this weekend I’ll get to spend some time with my sister Kate and nephew Jack who I’ve barely seen on this trip.  She’s back at work, and he’s a “kindy” during the day, so this weekend and since it’s a long one due to Easter are pretty much my only chance.

Come hell or high water, I’ll be there!!

Oh, and my niece Chloe turns 1 on Saturday too.   So much happening.

I have to say, that although I love being back, and the time is never long enough, I’m also looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and being able to take clothes from a wardrobe or drawer rather than a suitcase.

I guess I’ll just have to start looking into moving back to Australia permanently.  It’s been nearly 3 years already…

Looks like it’s time for a re-assessment.  We’ll see what happens, I’m sure it’ll all unfold piece by piece on here anyway.



9 04 2009

This evening was the first night of Passover, so it was a huge family gathering at Marks Mum’s house, with enough food to sink a ship, and several other marine vessels.

It was certainly a fun evening, and one that has me eager to have a hot shower and crawl into bed from.

Which I’m about to do now.  So g’night and Happy Passover!