Not jetlagged, just tired

16 04 2009

It’s true, I think.

I was up just before 6am this morning, if for no other reason than I woke up.  I was in bed relatively early though.

The day started with 90 minutes at the Orthodontist, where I had the pleasure of having five more bands put around my teeth, and a sixth one removed before being put back.  Then a brand new wire put on, top and bottom, connecting all my teeth and commencing their journey into their new positions.

My mouth is sore.  The inside of my bottom lip got caught on a brace bracket during the work and got cut, and all my teeth are tender.  To give you an idea…  At dinner for dessert I had a slice of the ripest, softest, most delicious Mango, and it hurt to chew.


Then it was back to the airport.  One of our cases had the lock, and the zip it was attached to, torn off somewhere between Los Angeles and Seattle.  To place a claim with the airline; Alaska, you have to take the case to the Airport baggage handling department within 24 hours.  This was NEVER going to happen last night, I was too tired.  I wasn’t much more awake today.  Fortunately it’s a quick process, a claim has been made, and the repairs will be covered.  I just have to take the case to a repairer.  Which I’ll probably do over the weekend.

Back from the airport (again!), I decided to mow the front lawns.  The last time they were mowed, we didn’t own the house.  This isn’t laziness on my part.  We took possession of the house during Winter, and the lawns have either been too cold and wet (soaked and sodden), or covered in snow until recently.   They’d barely grown, and although a little shaggy when we left, by the time we returned they’d gone all Jungle on us.
Today, they’re manicured and beautiful again.  Well the front ones anyway.  So at least the house looks decent from the street.

Now though, it’s time for bed, I’m knackered.