Drugged oblivion…

18 04 2009

There’s been a whole lot of that happening this year, and last night was no exception.

As I’ve not been sleeping well, thanks to a hefty dose of jetlag, I’ve been just a “tad” exhausted, enough yesterday that I think I fell asleep driving (with my eyes open), and ended up speeding 47mph in a 35 zone.  Of course I was oblivious to this until the pretty red and blue lights started flashing behind me.


Mark was in the car with me, he wasn’t aware I was speeding either.  Guess we must have both been asleep.

On the upside though, at least I was driving on the correct side of the road…

The nice Officer asked “Did you not see my car as you went past?”

I said no, and that I wasn’t even aware that I was speeding.  Fortunately he was nice enough to drop the offence to being only 5mph over the limit.  This still comes with a fine, but a much reduced one.

Mark got to drive home after dinner last night.  He wasn’t much better, almost letting the car roll in to traffic…

So for our sake and everyone else’s we got home as quickly, safely and legally as we could, and got some sleep.  Of course I wasn’t even remotely tired, so gave myself a couple of nice tablets (previously prescribed for past jet lag by my Doctor), and got 9 hours of sleep.

A good thing.  Today was a relatively restful day, so when I finally did drive (this evening) it was in a manner that was legal and safe for all involved.  Mark drove safely too.  Safe in that when he did drive I wasn’t with him 😉 , and safe again as a passenger this evening.

Ok, time for a late dinner and some television.