Good Grief!

21 04 2009

My poor Nan who’s 90th Birthday I flew back for last October had a heart attack the other night.  Fortunately she’s resting comfortably now and back home.  But what a scare for everyone, including her.

I thought I was going to have to be back on another plane…

Of course, I would have been, in a flash, had I needed to have been.  Very thankfully (thank the gods) I’m not going to have to for a little while.  Although I did just look at some flights back a short moment ago, as Qantas is having yet another sale.

I think I’m going to wait and keep my fingers crossed that they have another sale later in the year which they seem to be doing semi regularly of late.

Ahhh…  I’ve lost my train of thought…  I stopped mid entry to phone my Nan and have a chat to her and see how she’s doing and importantly tell her that I love her.

So, I think I’ll wind up here, and start getting ready for bed.  It’s another early start in the morning now that I’m back on my Nazi stringent gym and diet routine…  I’ve goals to achieve…