Back to Nature

25 04 2009

It’s amazing just how far you can walk in your own backyard.  I decided that I’d spend the day outdoors today, doing the things that until recently it’s just been too cold, wet, snowy, and other inclement weather reasons to do.

So today I spent 3 hours mowing the lawns.  Lawns that I’ve never mowed before due to the above weather reasons, and because they just hadn’t grown.  That was until recently with the improved weather.  The growth spurt we’ve had in the last couple of weeks made up for the previous months.

According to my pedometer, mowing, whippersnipping, cleaning up, and weeding and feeding the lawns (I know, they’re just going to grow faster…  but they need it!) I managed to clock up 9459 footsteps, which, and I have no idea of the conversion, equates to 3.88 miles.

It was all worth it though, the lawns look fantastic!

Once that was done, and after lunch and a brief rest we hit the shops, found some truly amazingly fragrant roses, and bought all three of them.  I want a garden that gives back.  It has to be either fragrant, fruiting or herbaceous and worthy of the pot, or attract native birds.  So I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

In the interim, I’ve built and installed a bird feeder this afternoon, the building part was more assembly, and hung two other feeders in two other positions around the house.  All in places where the cats can see them.  The idea is to attract and feed the birds, but also entertain the cats.  But don’t panic, they’re indoor cats, they only get to watch.

Now it’s time to slow down and rest, my back is killing me, which indicates I’ve overdone it.  On the upside, at least my work shows and everything looks great.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Tulip festival.

Have an awesome weekend!