Cursed by the Physical Therapists…

27 04 2009

Several of my friends, and one of them my closest friend are Physical Therapists, which is great for me as in the last 18 months I’ve had several injuries requiring their services.  Rest assured though it was all scheduled, and not a “mates rates” scenario, there’s really no need, our Health Insurance is pretty good.

So for a while there I got to see everyone a couple of times a week while they were working.  Of course that hasn’t happened since late last year, and one in particular commented recently that they missed me at work and I should come back.

I guess one of them has a Voodoo Doll, because right now, my back is out, I’m in agony, and their wish has been granted.  I’ll be heading back to see them again soon.

Argh!  Fortunately this time I can move, admittedly like a 90 year old man, but movement nonetheless.  😉

Actually it’s not so bad at the moment, I inadvertently “clicked” my back yesterday afternoon, the day after I put it out, and it felt so much better, but some improvement on that is still called for.

In the meantime, it really is time we investigated a new mattress, the one here, after several moves, and one of them being International is due to be replaced.

In other news…  Congratulations to my friends Tammy, Kelvin, and their son Deshi, on the new arrival of their son/brother Aki, who was born over the weekend.

Mother and Baby are doing fine, and I can’t wait to see them all.