A rose by any other name

1 05 2009

Would apparently smell as sweet…  Well that’s what they say anyway.

I’m not so sure.  Many of the roses I’ve come across lately, while beautiful, hardy and insect resistant, don’t have any fragrance at all.  That’s simply not good enough.

I recently bought 3 rose plants, 2 dark pink, almost burgundy, and one a rich yellow.  All three of them have an amazing fragrance.  They were the only ones in the entire store that were scented.  I quite literally “stopped and smelt the roses”, each and every one of them to identify the good ones.

Thankfully of all the things I’m allergic to these days, it seems that since I’ve eliminated Wheat from my diet, that pollens and flowers no longer irritate me.   Bonus!

Anyway, back to the story.  My friend Lisa and I drove out to Woodinville today to check out a large nursery as we’re both trying to plant out our gardens since Spring is here.  Neither of us made any purchases, but we were both totally in awe at the range of plants available.  We were also in awe at some of the prices.  Some things, like the roses were reasonable, others, not so much.

The range of roses alone was, and is mind blowing.  Unfortunately though, none of them were in bloom.  Fortunately, all of them are clearly labelled and marked with whether they’re fragrant or not.  The description even goes so far as explaining whether it’s a light or heavy fragrance, and what the fragrance is.

Licorice?  Apple?  Sun drenched honey?

Strange, bizarre, and yet I can’t wait to plant some in my garden and enjoy the outcomes.

After all that, I’m exhausted, not really.  But I’m going to be up early to mow the lawns, dig over the gardens, and start planting.

The goal, a garden that has colour for all seasons, and preferably colour WITH fragrance.




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