Strike me down I’m a happy Lesbian!

3 05 2009

While today started off exceptionally slowly due to a late night, and the morning being spent watching television, the afternoon was pretty productive.

Some shopping for a few items we need for the pets, and then off to America’s answer to Bunnings, Lowes (they also have Home Depot) to get some tools to use in the garden.

Power tools!  My Lesbian friends are so jealous of my collection! 😉

Much to Mark’s horror and disgust he got to spend several hours wandering around looking at all manner of items in this Handyman’s Nirvana.  Admittedly he handled it pretty well for about the first hour before he started complaining about it taking too long.  At which point I reminded him that he’d made me endure four days of Comicon last year.  End argument.

I could happily spend the day in these places, and often tried to back in Australia.  A weekend just wasn’t a weekend without a trip to Bunnings.

Today was made even sweeter in that we had coupons to use.  The first one being for a $10 discount on a purchase over $50.  This was easy.  I needed a hedge trimmer, and I found one.  Even better, there was another promotion on, and I got a free spare battery for it.  Happy!

The second voucher was for $25 off a purchase over $250.  Again, easy.  I also needed a lawn edger, and a garden cultivator.  While I was initially going to buy these as separate items, Mark found one unit that’s price was the same as the individual ones combined, that would do both jobs.  Super Happy!

Only one problem.  The store we were in was out of stock.  Fortunately, another of their locations had one in stock, so off we went to make our purchases.

We left the house around 3pm and got home a little after 9pm.  Not a bad effort.

Even better considering we also managed to fit in dinner, at a newly opened Mexican restaurant.  The place was awesome, and they even made the Guacamole at the table.  Admittedly it’s a small thing, but it was pretty cool to watch, and nice to know what you’re eating and that it’s super fresh.

The food was awesome, the prices matched the quality, they were awesome too.  Awesome as in cheap!

Colour me happy.



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