Hopefully this time it’ll stick

5 05 2009

For the first time in a very long time today I enjoyed my workout.  I tried something different for a change and it seems to have done the trick.

Usually I’ll do speed intervals on the treadmill while listening to music, reading or often both.  This time I decided to do the “fat burner” which is a set speed at different inclines.  The machine periodically raises itself up making you quite literally walk up a hill.  A hill that gets steeper or flatter randomly.

That may sound like hell to some of you, in fact I wasn’t too excited about it in the beginning, but it was just different enough to be enjoyable, especially the part where I realised in 60 minutes of walking I’d burnt 790 calories, which was significantly more than I’d eaten for breakfast, and that I’d managed to climb 1000 feet.

I left feeling (tired, that goes without saying) but a renewed feeling of being capable.  Here’s hoping I can keep that up. 

Now though, I’m exhausted and it’s time for bed.

Good night world!