Photographic Tribute

20 05 2009

Dads Funeral Notice Herald-Sun 190509I’ve spent the last 48 hours or so sorting through all the photos that my family has.  Black and white, colour, Polaroid, digital, there’s been literally thousands.  So many in fact that I was up until nearly 3am this morning.

It’s finally complete.  Everything has been scanned, checked, cropped, adjusted and put into a presentation for Dad’s funeral this Friday.

I can tell you this, I’ve cried, and cried, then cried some more.  I still have the Eulogy to write and present, which is going to kill me as I could barely read the Death Notices to my Mum this afternoon without my voice breaking, but the photographs have been terribly hard.  All the visual memories throughout the years of the good times we’ve had as a family and individually with my Dad.

It was a task in itself just selecting which photographs would make it to the final cut, but I’m happy with the final product, and my Sister and Mother agree.

I’ve certainly got some fantastic memories, and ones that I’ll cherish always.

Tomorrow’s going to be another big day, I’ve almost gotten everything ready for “the day”.  My Mum and Sister have sorted the music, and order of play, and I’ll test them all tomorrow at the venue to ensure everything goes without a hitch.

Not that I’m surprised, but Dad thought he’d have a small funeral, one with family and friends.  As it turns out, and we knew, he was a much respected man, and there are a lot more people attending than he realised.  Friday is going to be an Event.