Argh! Incompetence!

21 05 2009

Having spent the last few days working diligently on a presentation of photos for my Father’s funeral, it was with a sense of relief that I woke this morning, knowing it had been finished, and that all I had to do was drive it out to the Cemetery, which is roughly 30 minutes away to be tested, and then all I had to do was make adjustments if there were any problems, and prepare the Eulogy.

Hah!  I should have known better.

I phoned the Cemetery first to ensure that their office would be open so I could bring the file in, only for them to tell me that the format (PowerPoint) was no longer acceptable, the required format was a DVD movie.  This despite their website stating (even while I was on the phone to them) that PowerPoint was acceptable.


Six hours later, I managed to create a DVD movie.  Admittedly it’s better than the original presentation, but the amount of stress involved was off the chart.  Firstly I’ve never in my life created a DVD, nor used this sort of software, and it’s the day before the funeral!!!

I managed to perform a miracle, and got the disk and music out to the Cemetery before they closed, but most importantly, when it was tested, it was successful.

THANKS DAD!  If not God, someone was watching over me today, I’m giving my Dad that honour.

Now though it’s getting on in the evening, and while I’ve written down several paragraphs for the Eulogy, I’ve still got a ways to go.

I should be in bed before midnight…  I hope.