A week today

23 05 2009

It’s a week today since my Father passed away, and his funeral was yesterday and yet it feels so surreal.  Like it never happened, that it’s all just a bad dream.

Unfortunately the reality is I know it’s not.  My mind just has processed it all fully yet.  I’m not alone though, my Mum feels exactly the same.

I’m keenly aware that time heals or at least lessens all wounds and pain, but right now the wounds are still fresh.

We did light a candle this evening at 6.37pm the time that he passed in his honour.

On a more upbeat note though, Mum and I are babysitting my nephew Jack this evening, and it really doesn’t matter how bad or maudlin you’re feeling, that child can bring a smile to your face.  I’m biased, but he’s adorable.

After an evening of story telling, game playing, and cuddling on the couch he’s finally gone to bed for the evening, and I’m not going to be too far off doing the same myself.

G’night all.