Weekend closure

24 05 2009

To say the previous week was a big and stressful one would be one of the biggest understatements of my life, but we survived it.

The next couple of weeks are still going to be very busy, but at least, I hope, they’re going to be a little less stressful.

The last 24 hours have been fun (mainly) though.  Mum and I baby sat my nephew Jack overnight so my sister could have a belated birthday party.  Fortunately he’s a lot of fun, and generally not too whiney, not unless there’s a reason, which there was, he has a rotten cold.  One that he shared with all of us a little over a week ago, so it’s been a complete snot fest for all concerned.

But again, we’ve survived that too.  Or have at least until now.  Although I keep getting looked at strangely when someone who knows I’ve not long flown into the country (in the last 2 weeks) here’s me cough.  They may not say it (most have though), but they’re all thinking Swine Flu.  Which it’s not.  It’s just a cold.

But as I mentioned, the week is drawing to a close.  It’s time for a nice hot shower, on with the pj’s, watch some television then off to bed.

G’night all!