I want to die

25 05 2009

I’m aware that’s melodramatic, and the timing isn’t great for that sort of humour given my Father’s recent passing, but the lack of sleep for the last 2 and a half weeks, different time zones, wheat laden food, cold, and general exhaustion has caught up with me today.

The day started off well, it was totally productive, until I felt my blood sugar start plummeting, unusual given I’d eaten a good breakfast, so I addressed it, then had lunch.  A lunch I didn’t want but ate because I had to eat something.

I’ve been sick ever since.  I feel hot, but I’m cold.  Liquids and solids are my enemy, as is the idea of anything even remotely food related.  I’m not happy.

I am however now in my pj’s, have a glass of Dry Ginger to sip on (when I can stomach it) and am going back to bed.

Here’s hoping the morning is a better one.