Sound the alarms! I’ve got the Plague!

27 05 2009

I’ve been back in Australia since Mother’s Day, Sunday 10th May 2009, and before I even made it out of the airport there was a Quarantine scare on the plane.  Apparently someone spent the entire flight coughing, sneezing and being all feverish, enough that noone could disembark before we’d had Customs on board.

We got the all clear, well at least I and the people in the front of the plane where I was sitting at the time did.  I started my flight in Economy (the cheap seats), but as I’d explained I was flying back urgently and needed to be off the plane as soon as possible so I could get to the hospital to visit my Dad faster, the lovely flight staff on my Qantas flight moved me into an empty seat in Premium Economy (there was also an empty seat next to me), so that I’d not be disturbed and could attempt to relax on what was going to be (and was) a very stressful flight.  They out did themselves when 45 minutes before landing I was moved into the First Class section to ensure I’d be able to get off the plane as a priority.

Thank you Qantas!

Back to the story, after disembarking, I literally ran through the arrivals lounge towards Immigration and Customs, only to be stopped and told to walk slowly past a line of infra-red cameras.  Apparently all passengers were being checked for signs of fever.  We’d also been handed declarations to fill out in regards to our health.  All of this due to the current Swine Flu scare around the world.

Again, I made it through all clear.  I wasn’t ill at all.

Not until 2 and a bit weeks later.  Over a week of minimal and no sleep from being at my Father’s side until the moment he passed away, and all the stress in the lead up to the funeral, I became very rundown and exhausted.  Enough that when my lovely little nephew, who I’ve recently nicknamed “Typhoid Mary”, “Bringer of Plague”, and “Contagion”, shared his lovely cold germs with me, and left me all congested and feeling awful.  Gotta love a child that’s so unselfish.  Ugh!

Of course this week I finally crashed and burned.  Monday started off well, then went downhill.  Fast.  Aches, pains, nausea, diarrhea, all the fun stuff, and I spent the rest of the day in bed with the toilet being my best friend.  I’m still unsure whether the dizziness was due to the illness, or spinning around over the toilet trying to decide which end to aim over it.

Tuesday was better, I felt a bit average, and still wasn’t in any mood to eat much, but finished the day with a lovely big bowl of homemade “Jewish Penicillin”.  Chicken soup made by my lovely Mother in-law Julia.  Thank you!  I felt much better. 

Then I went to sleep, and it all turned pear-shaped.  Fever, chills, sweats, not much fun at all.

By morning, Mum had been watching television, seen all the hype about the “Swine Flu Pandemic” and based on the symptoms on the television, diagnosed me as being positive for Swine Flu.


Admittedly, I did (still do as I type this, but not as bad) feel like crap.  So I made a Doctor’s appointment.  Of course, as is always the way by the time I arrived at the Doctors surgery I was feeling much better, and from what I could see around me, I was most certainly the healthiest person in the place, and probably in more danger of being infected, than doing any infecting of my own.

The Doctor himself didn’t seem to think I was in any danger of having the dreaded Plague that is in all the media right now (Swine Flu), but as I flew into Melbourne from Los Angeles, and all the current cases in Victoria came in from Los Angeles as well, and coincidentally on the same flight number (different days) to me, decided to prescribe the “anti-biotic dejour” Tamiflu, and told me to not leave the house until Friday, when I was to return to his surgery to receive the results of the throat swab he took.

So much drama.  It’s just not worth coughing or blowing your nose these days.  Especially when the tablets you’re prescribed are $75 for 10 capsules.   I believe (I don’t know from experience, I promise) recreational drugs aren’t that much more expensive! *laugh*

So, fingers crossed the results are negative.

Until then, let the drama continue.  All I wanted to do was curl up for a while with lots of hot lemon drinks, panadol/tylenol and rest.  So much for that idea.

If the results are positive though, does that mean I’m not Kosher?  Technically by birth I’m Jewish, as is my partner Mark.  This could create problems.  *giggle*

Goodnight all!