Greedy Bastards!

3 06 2009

Not that I need the extra stress right now, but we recently were called to a meeting at my Grandmothers Aged Care Facility for them to tell us they’re closing down.

Their excuse, “there’s no demand”.  The reality, the facility and surrounding retirement village is located on prime land, that until recently was under a 100 year covenant.  Now they’re selling it for development and evicting the residents.

So after spending the last couple of weeks already fighting the good fight in paper warfare, now I’m at it again.  Well more accurately, still.  Only this time I’m also driving around checking out alternative facilities, collecting the relevant applications, and completing the files, all in the hope of finding my Nan a new home.

I’ve found a place that I think will be perfect.  Mum and I checked it out on Monday.  Today we took my Nan back to have a look herself.  So far she loves it, and has said it’s an upgrade on where she lives.

This afternoon I’ve been completing applications like a madman, sourcing paperwork and making sure everything was in order, before diving into the car and hightailing it back to the facility to submit her application.

Apparently we’ll find out on Friday afternoon if her application is successful.