Ghostly Visitation?

5 06 2009

I’m a firm believer that there’s more to life than meets the eye.  That science doesn’t explain everything.
That there’s room for the Supernatural in our lives.  Most religions tell of supernatural happenings.

There’s just too much out there that can’t be explained.  I don’t consider myself religious, but I would call myself open minded.  I believe there’s more to life than what we see, I’m just not necessarily ready to accept conventional explanations.  There’s two copies of the bible, the First and New Testament, there are many different religions, most of which have similarities, and yet are so different.

For me, the Bible, and it’s equivalents are books.  Books are marketed, who’s to say that there wasn’t some primitive or base Marketing team out there…  But, I digress…

Now that I’ve placed the disclaimer, I had a very interesting experience this morning, and Mum was there, and experienced it also.  Strange, and yet comforting…

In the family lounge room there are two windows that open directly onto the driveway.  If these windows are open too far you can’t drive the car past.  So, they’ve rarely ever been opened, and in fact it was an unspoken rule that they stay closed.

This morning started out as a beautiful day, blue skies, sun, so I opened all the blinds, and all the windows.

Not too long after while I was in the lounge room I was hit with a strong smell.  Not unpleasant, not even remotely.  It was the smell of my father.  Mouth wash, soap, aftershave.

It was strong enough I called for Mum, she came into the room and she smelt it too.

At which point we looked at each other, and closed the windows.  The smell went away, but the morning’s events certainly weren’t over.

Mum called me to her room as here was a slight bluish glare coming from her bathroom.  I have to point out at this stage that the bathroom is totally white, and there’s nothing blue in there.  Dad wore a lot of blue though.

So while she stood in the entrance to the bedroom I walked into check, as I did the door started to swing close.  Strange…

I walked to the bathroom to find nothing there, but it was quite cool, cool enough that the hairs on my arms were raised.  But, there was a very tangible warmth coming from the bathroom.  A warmth that you could feel by stretching out your hand.  I thought I was imagining it, but when Mum joined me she felt it too.

She said it was reminiscent of when Dad used to use the bathroom and had the bar radiator on.  Incidentally, it’d not been turned on at all, so there was no logical explanation.

We got the message, close the windows, and stop breaking the rules… 😉

It was also very comforting for Mum.  In Dad’s last days, Mum had said to Dad, “If there’s another side, give me a sign”.

Now I don’t care if you don’t believe, you don’t have to.  We do, and it’s very comforting for Mum to know, that she’s not alone.

Eery, strange, but comforting.  There’s more to the world than we realise.