Time Zone Issues

10 06 2009

My last posting wasn’t entirely accurate, well not for the Seattle time zone anyway, for Australia…  It was perfect.

I’ve since landed back in America, and made my connections to Seattle, and have been home a good 24 hours now.

Home to find my lawns which were nicely manicured the day before I left, are now a tangled jungle.  Ugh!

The day has been a pile of appointments, Orthodontist to have my braces wire removed, then Dentist to have my teeth cleaned, then back to the Orthodontist to have a bracket replaced, and wired reinserted, and in amongst that I even found time to have coffee with a friend, and catch up with another, picked up Mark from work, and mowed the front lawns.

Not a bad effort given I’ve just got home, am exhausted and have jet lag.  At least the front lawn looks good again, and the house no longer looks abandoned.

Yay for that!

Somewhere over a big piece of water…

10 06 2009

That’s probably where I am right now when this post is published.  As always when I fly, I have no idea where, or when, but I’m out there somewhere.

Hopefully it’ll be uneventful.  Fingers crossed.