Au revoir weekend…

14 06 2009

Well, that’s it.  Another weekend is over, and I’ve almost been back in the USA for a week.  Time flies…

Today started off quietly, primarily because I didn’t make it to bed until nearly 4 am (Jetlag: 5, Craig: 0), but culminated in a trip to the Hardware store, my favourite thing to do!!!  Then finished with a movie: Up, and dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant.  Sashimi, how I’ve missed you, and how I’m going to enjoy you for hours now you’re stuck in my braces…  Kidding!  First thing I did when I got home was clean my teeth thoroughly.

The movie was amazing, even despite my dozing off at several points.  So I’m simply going to have to go see it again.

But for a cinema full of children and adults of all ages, everyone enjoyed themselves.




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