Masked Bandits

16 06 2009

racoon mirrored Before moving to a country that actually has Raccoons, I used to think they were cute furry critters.
For the first 12 months here I never saw a live one, just squashed ones on the road, and I felt sorry for them.

Now, if I could drive my car up a tree and squash them myself I would.  Yes, they’re cute to look at, but they’re a nightmare to live with.  They torment the dogs, attempt to steal food at every opportunity, and in general are loud, annoying crafty nuisances.

The sun was barely down 30 minutes tonight and the first one showed up running along the fence top.  Imagine the surprised and momentarily joyful look on it’s face when it saw that their was a human in the yard, and that said human had thrown it a cob of corn.  Then fright registered and it realised the corn was being thrown at it, and it took off up a tree.

Several times this week they’ve tormented the dogs, and several times this week I’ve chased them up a tree, them growling at me menacingly, and me wielding a broom or the hose growling equally menacingly back.  So far I have their bluff, and can usually get a nights peace before they return.

This is a tentative standoff, and I’m reevaluating my methods.  A paintball gun has crossed my mind…  My evil side thinks it would be amusing to use a different coloured paintball each night.  That’d enable me to identify which raccoon is brave/stupid enough to keep returning.  Noone gets injured that way either.

As I said, they’re cute, but they’ve also been known to carry rabies, and that’s something I don’t want in my yard.
Squirrels and birds I can live with, the masked bandits, coyotes, bears and cougars, I can do without.

Speaking of bears, my friend Lisa was riding yesterday and saw a baby black bear, she said it was very cute, then she realised that somewhere nearby was it’s Mother, so she pedalled as fast as possible, and hightailed it out of there.  Clever girl.

Coyotes, and Raccoons and Bears…

Oh my!




One response

19 06 2009

Friends of ours in Canada had a solution. The raccoons were getting to the Koi fish in their Japanese garden pond. So he fenced it with a little bamboo fence, strung with… electric fencing wire! And turned it on. Seems they learnt very quickly not to go near the pond. 😉

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