Sweet sweet antibiotics…

23 06 2009

They appear to be working…  While I’ve not had the test results back to find out what is actually making my throat sore, the sample bottle of antibiotics from the Doctor appear to be working.

I wonder just how much of that is because I squeezed 24 hours worth of them into a 9 hour period, and since I’ve not been sleeping very well for over a month now, chased them down with some ‘sleepy time’ painkillers (they make me go to sleep very quickly), and washed them down with a rum and coke.  Children, don’t try this at home.

But, I got 9 hours sleep, and despite being still sore this morning, as the day has progressed, my throat has felt better, and as of this evening I’m feeling more my old self.  A self that’s been missing for some time now.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is even better.  More so because I have gym in the morning…   Hmmm.