Tragic and Pathetic

24 06 2009

But fun!

I’ve spent the best part of the last week at home on the couch feeling pretty ordinary, so to pass the time I’ve been catching up on all the television shows I missed while I was away recently.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on the Xbox.  Something I used to laugh at Mark for doing.  But, since I discovered some time ago that there’s a gamer score, and that many of our friends here have one, I got competitive.

My game of choice is one that I first played two years ago, and didn’t understand, so put away out of frustration.  I’ve since figured it out and am a little addicted.  It’s certainly keeping me entertained, but a day does seem to vanish pretty quickly once I’m absorbed in it.

Fortunately though, before I even turned the game on, I hit the gym, came home, did some chores around the house, took the pets to the Vet for some Rabies blood tests (we have to maintain yearly records for Quarantine for when we finally return to Australia), then home again to have a game session.

Not a complete loss.  Oh, the game is Overlord.  I get to be evil and have minions.  Just PERFECT! 😉