Sunny Shenanigans

27 06 2009

Today has been a huge day.  Spent in the sun cheering on our friend Lisa as she completed her first ever half marathon.  What a rockstar!

When she competes, Lisa braids her hair which is red to keep it out of her face.  Being good friends, I ordered some Pippy Longstocking style wigs.  Of course, Lisa had no idea…

So every few miles on the run portion of her event, as she came around a bend, there’d be the three of us, Mark, Shelly and I, resplendent in bright red wigs with braids wired to stick out from the sides of our heads, cheering loudly.

We’re so supportive! 😉  It’s certainly been a fun day!

Good work Lisa, we’re so proud of you!



2 responses

28 06 2009

Thats cool as, i hope she appreciated the red ranga team. xx

28 06 2009

LOL the wigs sound like an awesome idea. Would have been so funny to see.

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