A Day of Pain

30 06 2009

Actually that’s not entirely true…

Firstly, we’ve just arrived home from seeing Transformers 2 at the local Gold Class cinema, where the service was abysmal, our order was messed up, and in trying to have it rectified we missed parts of the film.  Which in truth isn’t such a bad thing.  The film itself wasn’t that great.

It had the potential to be brilliant, but there were too many weird, unexplainable and superfluous facets.

Why, of why, did there have to be “twin robots” that spoke like they were from a Ghetto?   Why did another robot have to have two spherical attachments that were referred to as a scrotum?   AND how the hell do you explain the ability of another robot to completely and convincingly take on the form of a human, before transforming back?  Too many weird and irrelevant parts.

Also, while the action when it was happening was great, you could never tell who was good, and who was bad.  Action overkill.  Not so happy about the event.

Moving on, to slightly less painful events…

Yesterday while in the bathroom I noticed a new freckle on my back.  A dirty dark one that a couple of days prior hadn’t been there.  A cause for concern.  Rather than panic though, I figured I’d see if it washed off in the shower.  It really wasn’t in a position on my back that allowed easy access either to touch or see it clearly.  So out with the loofah.

Some buffing later, it was still there, surrounded by freshly pink and exfoliated skin.  Ugh!

So I made an appointment with the Dermatologist who I saw today.  He referred to it as an “atypical lesion”, and said I’d have to look at having it removed.  Not one to waste time, I had it done today.

They injected a local anaesthetic, and then “shaved” it off my back, and it’s been sent off for analysis.  I get the results back in a few days.

I’m not too worried what the results are as it was identified and removed very early.  I always thought I’d be more concerned about that sort of thing, especially as skin cancer was something that has occurred in the family tree.  Admittedly on a branch of the family tree that should have been sterilised out of existence, but what can you do?

At the moment though, it’s itchy and I have to keep the wound dry for 24 hours, so much for a nice hot shower this evening.